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Meet Our Staff

If you have encountered Ellie in a lesson or around the horse community, more than likely you think of her dimples and positive outlook. She focuses on the bright side of life and enjoys training the horses, her spoiled barn and house cats and spending time with her family - both in and out of the barn!

Having grown up on the farm with a background in Pony Club, rider and horse safety is paramount to her. Competitive success is the icing on the cake - it shows the consistent effort of both horse and rider! Confidence comes with calm repetition and relaxation - so her mindset is to build both for horse and rider - at all levels!  Her USDF Silver and Gold Medals were awarded in 2003. She swears she will work on finishing her Bronze at some point...but the jury is out as to when that happens!

With the family business being breeding, raising, training and competing horses, Ellie has gradually taken on more of the responsibilities and a more prominent role for Watermark Farm.

Eleanor "Ellie" Rawle

A few of the friendly faces at the farm! 

Our farrier Waylon Cameron is an integral part of the team. Thank youWaylon for all that you do to keep our horses happy!

Thank you Farmview Veterinary for helping to get foals on the ground as well as our competition horses out in the show arena!

Mom aka Anne gets a place of honor and a double mention for keeping us all straight and aligned on our horses day in and day out! Her years of serving as an S judge help us all reap the benefits of the all seeing eye for our flaws in daily training. 

Day in and day out, we have a dedicated staff to care for the horses’ well being and daily care. Thank you all so much!

Our Senior Oversight Committee

Anne M. Rawle

Now retired from active duty as an "S" Dressage judge, Anne enjoys spending time with the family, her Labrador Retrievers (and a pesky JRT!), supervising the training of the FEI horses and riders as well as teaching her students.

William M. Rawle

While no longer actively farming or competing his jumpers, Bill is often seen working on various projects around the farm - perhaps in a supervisor capacity but he is still in the thick of what's going on around Watermark Farm.

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